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So, Tebowmania will fade for now thanks to Brady and Co. handing the Broncos a thrashing to the tune of 45-10. This, to me isn’t really a surprise. If you can’t create turnovers and keep your offense on the field, Brady will burn you. So even though this game is the on that got all the hype, it was boring and predictable.

The real game was in San Francisco Saturday. If you missed it, I feel for you. As a football fan (of neither of these teams) I was enthralled. The super powered offense of the Saints and Drew Brees playing out of his skull versus a defense that has stifled everyone and has really sailed under the radar all year. The¬†proverbial unstoppable force vs the immovable object. It didn’t disappoint. FANTASTIC GAME! The whole game you were just waiting to see if the Saints could break away and do what they do. It took until late in the 4th quarter but they showed themselves as “Who we thought they were” Denny Green would say. But what was so great about this game was the Niners ability to fight back! Not once, but twice Alex Smith (go figure) and Vernon Davis go into “beast mode” and do what needs to be done to win. WOW! I only hope to see SF play Green Bay next week to settle the old adage; “You have to beat the best to be the best.” We will see later today.


Posted: January 11, 2012 in Sports
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Since everyone else is talking about him in the NFL, why not myself? Well here goes… I know there are a ton of very different opinions on Tebow the player, and the person. I don’t really care about Tebow the person, (seems like a straight up enough guy to me) what I care about is Tebow the player. The analysts and scouts, coaches and other players have all said the guy can’t make it in the NFL. In a respect I agree with them. However, when looking at his past in football, the man has played against the best players and teams all his life. He is a proven winner. Isn’t that all that should matter? Winning! At the end of the day, if you score one more point then your¬†opponent you win. Doesn’t mean your stats have to be great. Doesn’t mean you have to be the best ever at your position. It just means you do what you have to do to win. That’s why Tebow, in my opinion, will be a great NFL quarterback.